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Offering wine we love,
from people and places we love.

Image by Dan Meyers


We love wine. We love the people, the shared experiences, the places, the history, the romance, the science, the art and the mystery that is wine. 

We spent the last decade selling wine for a couple of other great companies here in Arizona. As time went on it became clear that, in order to fully realize our vision for what is possible in this business, we needed to take a different path.

We needed to get back to focusing on the Stuff That Matters. This is not to suggest in any way that other people’s stuff doesn’t matter, or that we think our stuff is better than your stuff or their stuff; it simply means that we wanted to dedicate the rest of our professional lives to the wines, people, shared experiences, places, history, romance, science, art and mystery that matter to US.

So, we started Stem Wine Company. We represent and work with people that we love, who make wines that we love, from places that we love. We hope to share this experience with as many people as humanly possible, and to sell a stuff-ton of killer juice in the process. 

* Stuff is not the actual S-word we use in internal discussions.

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