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Willamette Valley

We came here alone and grew into this. One became two and then quickly three, we stalled out at four for ten years.
Now three make the wine and one’s in the kitchen, one holds the purse strings and two act as host, one is your ally and one your best friend, one holds it high and one holds down the fort. Eleven of us packed into this building, though one we let drift further south. We hold the bar high because low is absurd and fall somehow short more than not.
This is our tribe and this is our moment, we only get one chance to rise. We keep our heads down, wear our hearts on our sleeves, shake our heads at the ones who say No.
Yes is our calling and yes is our call, it’s symptom of nerve more than smarts. We might not have answers but we’ll never stop asking: How high do you think we can rise?



Willamette Valley

We established ourselves in Oregon – developing relationships with growers, locking in grape contracts, and finding a great custom crush partner (with lots of small fermenters – a winemakers dream!). In 2016, we released our first wine – the only wine of the vintage – 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, sourced from eight vineyards across the appellation. It was an instant success nationally both in the press with 91 points out of the gate from Vinous as well as with fine wine retailers and restaurants.
Today we continue to dial in our vineyard sourcing, establishing long term contracts and relationships with a stable of top-notch growers. In addition to the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, which represents over 75% of our production, we have expanded to new varieties (Chardonnay and Riesling), added Rose to the mix, and elevated our game to include the Flood Line (“reserve”) range, and a limited selection of four-barrel single-vineyard wines.



Willamette Valley

This isn’t a second career. This isn’t a hobby. And this certainly isn’t whimsy. This is Drew Voit switching his major after freshman year of college to viticulture and enology, knowing immediately after graduation that Oregon pinot noir was the wine frontier, working at and helming some of the most respected brands in the Willamette Valley, then creating his own brand and vision. This is intention.
Drew spent ten years learning the minutiae of the science of winemaking to then, for the next 10 years after that, be led by mastered intuition. He chooses his pick-times based on an almost clairvoyant-like ability to know how they will show as a finished wine. He watches over several ripening vineyard sites simultaneously, and from each he can pull from them the most intense, unique-to-that-site symbioses of flavors, aromas, and textures. That is obsession.



Willamette Valley

Carlo and Rosa Marchesi loved, tended and respected the land in their hometown in Northern Italy. They grew and produced their own food, made their own wine, and thrived on their sustainable lifestyle. When they immigrated to the northeastern United States, they continued this tradition while instilling this same love for the land in their grandson, Rudy Marchesi.

Rudy grew, made and sold wine on the East Coast while raising his own family, but became captivated by Oregon wine country. After overseeing operations and serving as vineyard consultant for several years at Montinore Estate, Rudy became proprietor of the 200-acre estate in 2005. Nowadays, Rudy presides over the estate carrying on the family tradition of land stewardship. Rudy, alongside the winery’s new viticulture team, continue the long-established organic and Biodynamic® farming practices across multiple vineyards. 



Willamette Valley

We approach our winemaking with a steadfast belief in true artisanship, a passion for discovery and a deep respect for the land. We bring Burgundian traditions to our winemaking while aiming to express the natural elegance of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.
We invite you to join us on our winemaking journey — viens avec nous.



Willamette Valley

For husband and wife team of Erica Landon and Ken Pahlow, 2008 marked the launch of their dream in Oregon’s Willamette Valley: the formation of Walter Scott Wines. Ken had dreams of starting his own label, but had not truly achieved his goal until Erica inspired him to take the leap. In the Spring of that year the two partners emptied their meager retirement accounts and used the funds to design their label and get started.

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